Thomas Blakemore

Primary School Class Teacher, Kent College Dubai

Thomas is a Year 3 Primary School Teacher who is passionate about helping others. He shares honest tips and tutorials on his YouTube and Tiktok platforms which have been viewed by millions of teachers and pupils worldwide. He is keen to share an honest reflection of being a teacher in an unpredictable educational landscape, the lessons he has learned, and best practices to future-proof education to provide children with the best opportunities in the future.



Leaders in Education Conference

14 November 2021 | 10:30 - 10:50 | English | How YouTube and Tiktok Changed My Teaching Approach | The Octopus Method

The job market of the future is unpredictable. The jobs that some of our children in school will go into haven't been invented. How do we prepare children for careers that may not exist yet? As a YouTube and Tiktok content creator, the algorithms that dictate growth change on a seemingly daily basis. The lessons learned from content creation have seeped into my lessons shared with children and the approach children learn from. Could these strategies be the answer to future-proofing education?