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Skyler Carr

Co-Founder & Chief Handraiser

Infini-D Learning

Skyler Carr, born in the United States, has over a decade of transformative work in the education sector. As a child of a Cuban refugee, Skyler's drive to equip children with essential skills for unlocking their life potential was profoundly influenced. His initiatives include an impactful program serving 300,000+ kids with informal education opportunities, and co-founding Infini-D Learning, an innovative educational platform reaching over 600 schools within three years. His significant contributions were recognized nationally, leading to partnerships with the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education, as well as multiple awards for innovation in education. In addition to his hands-on work, Skyler served as an educational reviewer for the National Science Foundation's award program, fostering future innovation in the field. Skyler currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland, where he continues his passion for reshaping education and aiding children in realizing their full potential.


30 October, 2023 | 13:30 to 14:30
EdTech: Future Learning

This panel focuses on the vital role of Edtech in shaping the future of education and paving the way for an ever-evolving learning landscape. Our expert panelists will provide valuable insight on how we can utilize different Edtech resources as efficiently as possible to prepare educators and our students for the current and future job markets.

31 October, 2023 | 12:00 to 12:45
AI: The Unexpected Human Opportunity - Tools to Future-Proof Your Students

This is a dynamic session designed for both primary and middle-year educators, especially those with an emphasis on STEM who want to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly-changing technological landscape. During the session, we’ll cover the basics of how a teacher should begin their AI journey, as well as unveil a series of cutting-edge educational tools unparalleled in their ability to enhance key skills like creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. These tools, at the intersection of technological innovation and pedagogy, offer an exceptional approach to preparing students for an AI-saturated future, highlighting the enduring importance of human skills. We will also discuss strategies for addressing the gaps that AI may create in students' abilities. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of the tools and techniques that will shape the future of STEM education for all students.

01 November, 2023 | 11:50 to 12:10
Armchair Chat: Developing students into contributors and disruptors
01 November, 2023 | 14:00 to 15:00
Online & Alternative Learning Concepts panel session

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, traditional learning paradigms are being reshaped by digital innovation and alternative approaches. This panel explores the dynamic world of online education and innovative learning methods that cater to diverse needs and learning styles, while also preparing students for the future workplace. From virtual classrooms and interactive platforms to flexible learning paths and unconventional teaching techniques, discover how educators and learners alike are embracing new avenues for knowledge acquisition.