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Nadim Saad


The Happy Confident Company

Nadim is a Parenting Coach, father of 3 and best-selling author of seven books. He founded the Happy Confident Company to develop cutting-edge programmes and products for children, schools, and families. He has worked with renowned therapists and teachers, drawing from the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience to develop a parenting and whole school wellbeing programme that has already changed the lives of over 100K families. With 4 nationalities and having lived in 8 countries on three continents, Nadim has an extensive overview of the different parenting and educational systems. In all these places, and across the numerous countries where he has worked, he's identified the same flaws in the education system and in the way children are parented. Children are still not taught the life skills and emotional skills that they need to navigate this ever-complex world and the education system is failing to teach them how to deal with the increasing pressures they face. Nadim founded the Happy Confident Company and the Happy Confident Movement, to develop cutting-edge programmes and products for children, schools and families to better prepare them for this new world. He is a regular speaker on parenting themes for leading companies such as Google, HSBC, Barclays & Morgan Stanley, and he has been featured in leading media publications including Sky News.


31 October, 2023 | 12:30 to 12:50
Transform your school’s wellbeing in only 10 minutes a day

Mental health and well-being provision are increasingly high on school’s agendas, but there are many simple and effective solutions that are not yet being implemented on a large scale such as peer mentoring, advanced SEL provision and most importantly, a whole-school approach to wellbeing. These simple solutions can be implemented in as little as 10 minutes of intervention a day thanks to innovative programmes, and they have proven to have a positive impact not only on pupils’ mental health and well-being, but also on their academic achievement. And teachers and staff also benefit greatly as a consequence of these improvements. This session will offer a quick overview of the current mental health and well-being challenges that schools are encountering and the key reasons for these challenges. It will also cover a blueprint for the development of an impactful whole-school well-being programme that can help all children thrive.

31 October, 2023 | 13:00 to 13:45
Key Strategies for Preventing Burnout in Educators and Students: A Comprehensive Guide to Well-being

This panel is all about well-being for all and spotting the signs of ‘burnout’ early in children and educators. In addition to this, there are discussions on how to treat and manage these issues, and how to prevent them. Our well-being panel of experts will discuss everything educators need to know in order to avoid burnout in staff and students.