Dr. Joseph Nettikaden

Chief Information Officer

Esol Education

Joseph Nettikaden is the Chief Information Officer at Esol Education, responsible for setting the technology vision and strategy. He oversees the integration of technology into Esol's schools' curricula, with a strong focus on the administration, operations, and implementation of technology programs. As part of his mandate, Dr. Nettikaden also explores new, innovative technologies to enhance teaching and learning at all Esol Education schools. He oversees the technology departments at all of Esol's schools, which strive to provide an exceptional user experience to students and teachers, by taking advantage of organizational synergies and the standardization of operational processes. Prior to joining Esol Education,

Dr. Nettikaden was Vice President of Information for a market research company focusing on qualitative research. He was instrumental in providing a common technology services platform and integrated services model for standardizing technology operations at Fieldwork Inc. Prior to this, he played key roles at leading software companies (Infor and CA), in the implementation of customer relationship management software and web-based technologies. His educational qualifications include a Doctor of Education from Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California, an MBA from Northern Illinois University and an MSin Information Technology from Northwestern University. Apart from spending time with his family, he is passionate about new technologies and understanding the impact of these technologies on the daily lives of people.


31 October, 2023 | 10:55 to 11:40
Framework for the Future: How Advancements in Security, Data Accessibility, and Artificial Intelligence are Transforming Personalized Education and Workforce Readiness

The session explores the role of technology in education and workforce preparedness. Guided by moderator Sam Sale, panellists include Waseem Eid, EdTech pioneer from PowerSchool, Joseph Nettikaden from Esol Education and Romy Backus from American School of Dubai, and Mohamed Alaaeldin Mostafa from Amazon Web Services. The dialogue will explore AI's role in student success, the transformative impact of data in shaping educational trajectories, and the significant importance of security. Key points include: -The significance of security measures in global EdTech ecosystems (K-12 EdTech Secure by Design pledge) -Investing in cybersecurity to protect customers (1 billion cyber-attacks -PowerSchool) -Maintaining data protection high standards (AWS) -Data accessibility and efficient use of data for assessing student performance -Personalized education and teacher efficiency.