Zaineb Mahdi

Director of Innovation and Digital Technology across GEMS Wellington group - Assistant Headteacher

GEMS Wellington International School

Zaineb Mahdi joined GEMS Wellington International School in August 2017 as a Computer Science teacher. She then progressed to Head of Computer Science, then an Assistant Headteacher, as well as the Wellington group lead for Innovation and Digital Technology. She started her career at school in East London, England, in 2009, and enjoyed the creativity of teaching and loved exploring new classroom experiences to get the best out of her students. During her career, her passion for Computer Science grew as she delved into the world of coding and robotics. At WIS, we have a huge community of students who are interested in AI, Data Science, Robotics, Coding, and Cryptocurrency. Student leadership is a huge strength at WIS, and she has enjoyed watching her students grow their ideas from planning to pitch/prototype. She loves sharing her passion with others and enjoys networking with other educators around the world.


31 October, 2023 | 15:45 to 16:30
Panel Discussion: Education for the future, are we there yet?

A panel discussion that identifies what the latest global education trends tell us, where are the bright sparks and how can we translate that to varying contexts.