Stephanie Martin

Educator, Leader, University Assistant Lecturer


With over 10 years experience in the education profession both in Australian and international school systems,  Stephanie hails from South Africa and is a practicing educator and educational leader in Australia and the UAE. Stephanie brings strong expertise in building and sustaining high-quality pedagogical practices to enhance teaching and learning and has a plethora of experience in designing and implementing assessment methods that foster 21st-century learning skills. She specialises in delivering leadership professional development programs for teachers and aspiring leaders. With a Master's Degree in Education summa cum laude and as a current doctoral scholar and researcher, Stephanie's passion lies in mentoring educators and driving the development of pedagogy frameworks that will promote quality learning experiences. Her current research on the effects of technology on learning, wellbeing in schools, and empowering female leaders has been the driving force of Stephanie's present work. Stephanie's key areas of focus are assisting leaders in implementing research-based practices into education, preparing teachers for internal and external performance reviews, instructional design and behaviour management, and leadership coaching in Australian and MENA schools. Stephanie is a published co-author and a dynamic keynote speaker.


31 October, 2023 | 13:30 to 13:50
What's Wellbeing got to do with Pedagogy?

Wellbeing has become the latest commonplace buzzword in many industries, more notably, in education. The latest mass exodus of teachers comes down to poor staff wellbeing, burnout & low self-efficacy among other causes. This begs the question - how many more teachers will the profession lose before we learn to foster the wellbeing of educators? In 2023, the role of the teacher has never been more complex, with expectations being added to a teachers role each year. The teacher is no longer merely responsible for the delivery of curriculum, but for also ensuring the wellbeing and success of each individual. Stephanie discusses the largest contributors to the teacher attrition crisis, assesses research suggestions about these primary causes and provides leaders and practicing educators with strategies and methods to promote wellbeing for staff. Stephanie provides research & practical based solutions which adopt the following: In matters of staff wellbeing - be proactive, not reactive.