Serine Ben Brahim

Project Manager

Emirates Literature Foundation

Serine, a certified Wikipedia trainer, began her Wikipedia journey in 2020 with "Kateb Maktub," an initiative that ambitiously set out to craft 15,000 Wikipedia articles spotlighting Arab authors within two years. Her impact goes beyond mere statistics – she has personally guided over 200 students across six prestigious universities in the UAE and KSA on the art of Wikipedia contribution. As the dedicated project manager of the Wikimedians of UAE User Group, Serine's vision aligns with the core Wikimedia ethos: democratizing access to knowledge. Her fervent belief that even the most modest contribution can catalyze transformative change fuels her commitment to making information universally attainable. Serine envisions a world where freely shared information shapes lives, and she stands as a driving force in this journey of empowerment through open collaboration.


31 October, 2023 | 14:40 to 15:00
Empowering Tomorrow's Contributors: Arabic Wikimedia in Education

Discover how the Arabic Wikimedia User Group transforms education through collaborative content and community engagement. Dive into the significance of accessible Arabic data, preserving culture, and nurturing digital literacy. Embark on a journey showcasing the group's achievements, starting with Wikimedia's essence. Unveil the impact of bridging content gaps in the Arabic online realm, enhancing platforms like Arabic Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. Our focus is on students and academia. Unearth a strategy fostering a dynamic ecosystem among students, creators, and researchers. Witness success stories reflecting our impact on skills, critical thinking, and information reliability. In this session, we'll discuss engaging schools. Delve into tailored edit-a-thons, vibrant Wiki Clubs, skill competitions, and internships. Our "Training the Trainers" program furthers accessible information, sparking advocacy. Embrace collaboration, education, and cultural stewardship.