Raya Bidshahri

Founder & CEO

School of Humanity

Raya Bidshahri is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning educator. Raya is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the School of Humanity, an online high school with an innovative learning model and interdisciplinary curriculum. At School of Humanity, learners from over 10 countries across 5 continents develop their skills, mindsets, and behaviors by tackling real-world challenges. Raya has been featured by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential and inspiring women globally. She was the main award winner for the Next Generation Foresight Practioner's Award, organized by the School of International Futures and supported by the Omidyar network. The awards recognize those whose leadership efforts shape the future and improve lives. She has spoken at more than 40 conferences in 10 countries, including G20/Y20 Summit, Global Education Forum, UNESCO Expo-Sciences, GESS Leaders, HR Tech Summit, and much more. She has been sharing her expertise as a keynote speaker for over a decade – since the age of 16 – and brings a much-needed youth perspective to discussions about the future of education. Raya works with governments and education providers to ideate and execute revolutionary education models for the 21st-century world. She sits on the advisory board of multiple EdTech companies. Her mission is to reinvent global education systems in order to better serve humanity. 


01 November, 2023 | 14:00 to 15:00
Online & Alternative Learning Concepts panel session

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, traditional learning paradigms are being reshaped by digital innovation and alternative approaches. This panel explores the dynamic world of online education and innovative learning methods that cater to diverse needs and learning styles, while also preparing students for the future workplace. From virtual classrooms and interactive platforms to flexible learning paths and unconventional teaching techniques, discover how educators and learners alike are embracing new avenues for knowledge acquisition.



31 October, 2023 | 12:10 to 13:00
Panel session: Schools of the Future
01 November, 2023 | 10:30 to 10:50
Beyond Silos: the power of interdisciplinary thinking

Most of us have been taught to think and learn in subjects and disciplines, but what if we didn't? After all, it takes an interdisciplinary perspective to tackle most local and global challenges. In this talk, we'll examine how connecting the dots across disciplines can help us progress as individuals, organisations, and societies. We will be joined by learners who have been developing their knowledge, skills and mindsets in an interdisciplinary way.