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Second phase of Emirati Coder launched

Sandooq Al Watan, the national initiative launched by prominent Emirati businessmen to support research projects in line with the UAE’s vision to diversify beyond oil, on Saturday announced the start of the second phase of the Emirati Coder programme.

The programme was developed in conjunction with Abu Dhabi-based education consultancy Ajyal Talent Management, a DarkMatter company.

DarkMatter, headquartered in the UAE and operating globally, is a digital defence and cyber security consultancy and implementation firm.

The second phase of Emirati Coder follows the first phase that was launched in January.

Emirati Coder aims to create a pool of talent that will be capable to meet the challenges of the future labour market. It primarily focuses on developing students’ knowledge of the language of programming.

Emirati Coder is open to all students between the ages of seven and 14, incorporating theoretical components that include classroom lectures, internet sessions and practical applications to equip Emirati students for the requirements of the future labour market by teaching them the basics of programming. Students can register through the website http://uaecoder.ae/

The targeted 600 students across five regions in the UAE will spend two weeks in workshops comprising four key elements: how to programme electronic games, how to programme robotics, coding for electronic applications and choosing the best innovations through testing.

Mohammad Taj Al Deen Al Qadi, director-general of Sandooq Al Watan, said: “Current technological developments will radically change job market. With 60 per cent of future jobs expected to require programming skills, the Emirati Coder programme seeks to future-proof a generation of young people by providing them with the skills that will both enable them to meet the requirements of the labour market and help them to contribute to the development of the UAE.”

Saeed Basweidan, CEO of Ajyal Talent Management, said: “Through our experience at DarkMatter, we will be able to prepare a group of young innovators by providing them with the expertise needed for the digital age. This initiative will help ensure the development of a talented generation of programmers capable of leading the sector’s future development and contributing to building and strengthening the UAE’s knowledge economy.”

Source: https://gulfnews.com/news/uae/education/second-phase-of-emirati-coder-launched-1.2247714