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Keep kids healthy, active ahead of new school term in UAE

Healthy minds and healthy kids starts in your kitchen.

From getting kids active and raring to go for the new school year, to eating well and getting enough rest for a healthy mind, personal fitness trainer and mother of school-going children, Jennifer Chalouhi shares helpful insights from a professional and personal perspective on her top tips for back-to-school

> Set a proper meal plan at home. Healthy minds and healthy kids starts in your kitchen. Have fresh fruits out like oranges, apples and berries laid out on your kitchen table daily. Cut up fresh veggies including cucumbers, carrots and colorful capsicums with a healthy sauce like yogurt or low fat peanut butter to dip into. Your kids will surely reach for those first if they see them. Keep high sugar snacks including cereals, or granola bars at bay or even out of the house. Remember, "Out of sight, out of mind". When my children want ice cream or treats, I ask them to bike ride to our local store. Sometimes they do and sometimes they say"that's ok, I'll just eat an apple."

> With Dubai heat at its highest, plan active outdoor outings before 10am or after 6pm where your child can bike ride, walk the dog if you have one, or plan an activity at the pool with their friends. Even walking around the mall is ok. It gets your kids out and moving!

> Have a time limit on electronics, including iPads, iPhones and TV. I know it'll be hard but remember we are the parents and our children will always flourish with guidelines even when they put up a fight. Or you can do what I did and download the OurPact app. You will have control on your child's phone time at least till they reach a certain age like my oldest who is now almost 17.

> When I am home with my kids I always ask them to prepare their notebooks, school agenda, and even their bedrooms and uniforms. If your child is organised at home, they'll also be organised at school.

> Have your child stretch, breathe and relax a few days before school. Even sign them up for a yoga class or circuit class at your local gym. Nothing like relaxing and minimising stress levels before their new academic year starts.

Source: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/education/keep-kids-healthy-active-ahead-of-new-school-term-in-uae