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Improvements in Dubai schools as more deemed to be ‘good’

The number of schools rated as ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’ in Dubai has increased in the last year, according to Dubai’s education regulatory authority.

  • 12 schools remain ‘outstanding’ according to report from  Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority
  • Number of schools deemed ‘unsatisfactory’ drops from ten to eight
  • Eight schools show improvement of 141 inspected
  • Dubai schools have improved in the past year according to the Emirate’s education regulatory authority, with a fall in the number of schools marked ‘unsatisfactory’.
Schools ranked as unsatisfactory dropped by 20% in the new school report card from The Knowledge and Human Development Authority.
Meanwhile 12 continue to be rated as ‘outstanding’ for the current academic year while eight schools of the 141 inspected showed improvement.
A further 40% were rated as ‘good’ according to the inspectors with many of the private schools set in desirable locations around Dubai.
“Parents should be fully informed of the strengths and weaknesses of their child’s school and have a comprehensive understanding of its progress over the past year,” explained Jameela Al Muhairi, chief of the Dubai School Inspection Bureau at the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.
Tuition fees are based on the ratings in the report with ‘outstanding’ schools seeing a fee increase of 3.48%, while good schools saw fees rise by 2.61%.
Property investors considering Dubai investment would be encouraged to consider the locations of schools when investing, while the number of private schools can also provide a good indication of the most desirable regions.
Many people living in Dubai are expats who require good standards of schooling for their children, a major part of what attracts them to Dubai in the first place.
Dubai is not just an attractive proposition for families though, as investors can also benefit from strong returns thanks to a buoyant housing market.