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GESS proudly supports LearnLiveUAE Teaching, Learning & Leadership Conference as Gold Sponsor

In such a fast-paced and ever-changing world, the challenges we are presented within education can often be a cause for concern; such as how can we have a truly effective hybrid approach to blended learning, bridge the digital divide for all families, transition students around a school site or even run effectively socially distant professional learning for staff.

Out of the innate desire to give our students the best possible experience in their education, and every day being a learning day, our creativity and innovation in education have once again innovated from necessity in the current climate. Hence, LearnLiveUAE was born.
An innovative project by educators Olly Lewis and Mark Anderson, LearnLiveUAE is a weekly live-show by educators for educators which focuses on local education issues with live debate, professional learning opportunities and conversation.  
Educators are, by and large, not only passionate about their subject but passionate simply about what they do and the way in which they do it; this both binds us and is a common language in our community. This has been massively evident through the live engagement on the shows and the willingness of local teachers and leaders to come onto the show to share their work. 
With the growing popularity of the show and from feedback from educators, Olly and Mark wanted to bring a more focused event to educators in the region. With that in mind it is with great pleasure that we can share that they have created their free teaching, learning and leadership conference with a specific focus on educators in the UAE and MENA region taking place on Friday 16th October 2020. 
One of the bedrocks of an ever-improving and effective teaching profession is the growing opportunity for access to online professional development. It enables us to stay up to date with the latest developments and standards, it can increase teacher motivation, help to reinforce existing skills and opens the doorway to learning new skills. To that end, the conference has a diverse range of educators, speaking on a wide array of topics with an evidence-informed and “what works” approach to teaching, learning and leadership in schools. 
The growing access to free online professional learning reinforces the mantra of educators being flexible but also practice makes perfect so that the recipients, our students, receive high-quality evidence-informed teaching and learning. 
In a recent “rapid evaluation assessment” report (read it here) from the Education Endowment Foundation, it was highlighted that remote CPD offers flexibility, enables teachers to review their own and reflect on others’ actions in the classroom, paired with discussions with other educators, and reduce feelings of isolation.
Education is a force for good and we are stronger as a profession when we come together to discuss, share and learn from and with each other. The LearnLiveUAE agenda represents that opportunity with a range of voices in the education space sharing what is working from a wide variety of contexts. 
The team at LearnLiveUAE deeply appreciate we are all on our own journey, whether that be on an individual or whole-school context, but one of the hallmarks to come out of the global pandemic has been people's willingness to connect, collaborate and share on a scale as we have never seen before and so they are proud to bring you this innovative free event for all to benefit from. 
You can find out all about the conference by visiting the website learnliveuae.com