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ECT bolsters UAE education with a Revolutionary Program for Happiness

A new set of programs will be introduced under the Center of Continuing Education providing unique pathways to learning for students.

Emirates College of Technology (ECT), one of UAE’s oldest and most prestigious universities accredited for quality higher education; has signed an MoU with Happiness Colors International announcing the launch of a first of its kind executive program tailored for happiness titled “Happiness Makers”. The collaboration, formed under the umbrella of ECT’s Center of Continuing Education, comes in conjunction with the International Day of Happiness commemorated on March 20th and coincides with the college’s move to a new building located in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

Designed to mentor, stimulate and provoke change, this ambitious new partnership is part of ECT’s strategic framework to promote initiatives in accordance with the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030; providing integrated advisory and training for building sustainable happiness systems in both government and private sectors.

Based on the application of "Entertainment services on Demand" matrix; the latest in world-renowned "game theory" put forth in 1994 winning several Nobel prizes; the venture also serves to strengthen ECT’s ties within the Emirate through investment in programs that boost innovation and creativity for a seamless educational experience.

“This new initiative is a game-changer for higher education in the Emirate, offering a multitude of potential benefits for students,” commented Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Acting President & CEO of Emirates College of Technology. “This is the first time in UAE that a program has been designed to provide the right educational environment for students focusing on instilling positivity and happiness as a core value so that they are able to achieve their goals and ambitions. Through this unique initiative, it is our aim to achieve scientific distinction, encouraging development in the area and to uncover the right tools and methodologies that will serve to effectively and creatively increase the vitality of our campuses – at the same time increasing individual and group successes for students.”

Furthering ECT’s aims to augment instructional objectives through utilization of latest technologies, the college has also announced additional programs within its framework of special initiatives that align with the "Tomorrow 21" economic stimulus program. Comprehensive "Training on Demand” solutions are an extension of these offerings designed to meet the needs of key establishments, including management consultation and annual contract services, and ‘innovation and management of entertainment marketing ideas’ for semi-private projects; owned by major government enterprises and family-owned organizations.

“As ECT undertakes this journey towards a new and uncharted educational frontier, launch of these integrated solutions and comprehensive service packages will further contribute to the educational progression in the Emirate in preparation for a future based on technological advancement and happiness.” added  Professor Sabouni.

Source: https://www.zawya.com/mena/en/press-releases/story/ECT_bolsters_UAE_Education_with_a_Revolutionary_Program_for_Happiness-ZAWYA20190320065455/