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Dubai schools make it easy for special needs kids

Schools and families were given the flexibility to choose between face-to-face and distance learning.

Schools have been working with parents in easing students of determination into their learning routines, after what had been an unusually long break this year. As a significant part of their education went virtual, personalised, one-on-one learning was found to have accelerated the students' progress.

Similar to overall campus reopening guidelines, schools and families were given the flexibility to choose between face-to-face and distance learning. Children of determination can also alternate between the two, based on their parents' convenience and academic development.

Sangita Chima, principal of Amity School Dubai, said: "The blended learning approach for students of inclusion has slowly begun to be effective as computer and network-based technology improve their performance. Their self-esteem has increased as they engage in a focused manner during one-to-one online learning."

The consistent communication with parents has also helped create a vibrant and effective learning environment, Chima added.

Distance learning

At Gulf Model School, all students of determination have been enrolled in distance learning programmes. Besides the actual lessons, regular virtual meetings and phone calls are also made to the kids' parents to ensure that the targets in the personalised programmes are met.

Princiya Abdul Karim, inclusion champion at the school, said: "The personalised learning programme is conducted asynchronously. Teachers, inclusion staff, and parents work together to ensure that the student of determination is able to achieve the targets set through valuable feedback from all stakeholders."

On Dubai campuses where a student of determination is attending face-to-face classes, safety protocols have been customised in line with the guidelines of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

Farhana Nadeem, head of inclusion at Springdales School Dubai, said: "Currently, we have one student of determination attending the school with his individual learning support assistant (ILSA).

"All members of the SAWA (inclusion education action team) department have undergone the mandatory Covid-19 PCR test prior to school reopening. The special educator of the student who chose on-site learning conducted an orientation to ensure a smooth transition from online to onsite schooling. This has familiarised the student with the 'new normal' way of learning."

Source: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/coronavirus-pandemic/Dubai-schools-make-it-easy-for-special-needs-kids