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Dubai center that seeks to create awareness about space, astronomy

Thuraya Astronomy Center is the place where people can come down and experience astronomy, Hasan Ahmad al-Hariri, the centre’s Director and chief executive of the Dubai Astronomy Group, has said.

Speaking to Al Arabiya English, he said that the centre educates people about space and prepares them to explore the subject. The Center is clearly more than just a place to observe stars in the city.

Life-long Journey

Al-Hariri says that they are putting a life-long journey on the table. He said that it is not enough for us to just learn and forget. “We want people to learn and convert it into action,” he said adding that these actions form the bases of new frontiers.

“Our investments in education will only avail when our children take over the torch and do something with it,” al-Hariri said.

Find out more about the Thuraya Astronomy Centre by watching a video here.