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Interview with Danny Gauch, Director General of Worlddidac Association.

We sat down with Danny Gauch from the world renowned Worlddidac Association to ask what we can expect from the upcoming GESS Dubai 2019.

Where did the idea of the ‘Business Exchange Club’ stem from?

Worlddidac Association is a global networking platform for all players in the field of education. The association constantly strives to facilitate meetings of its members (predominantly manufacturers of education materials) with international dealers and distributors at different shows. This brought us to the idea to start organising the Worlddidac Business Exchange Club alongside international events.

What is the main purpose of the Business Exchange Club Meeting?

• To meet leading providers and manufacturers of educational materials
• To promote International exchange of knowledge and experience
• Professional networking opportunities between dealers and manufacturers
• To initiate business and partnership opportunities
• To Strengthen the quality of business relationships between companies and dealers

What can we expect from the ‘Business Exchange Club’ this year at GESS Dubai 2019?

International distributors of educational materials from 15 countries across the planet will meet leading producers of educational solutions for all levels of education.

Why is it important in 2019 to focus on an International exchange of knowledge?

Technology is moving so fast that we can no longer reliably predict the future even only a few years ahead. International exchange of knowledge is a key to growth and development of any business in every industry, especially in education.

What are you most excited about with regard to the ‘Changing Face of Education’ conference this year?

We are excited to bring more international speakers to the show, who will outline challenges and achievements in education in their countries and present their solutions in meeting the needs of modern education.

What kind of themes will we see at the worlddidac conference this year?

• Anticipating and Preparing for Emerging Jobs and Skills in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution.
• Vocational Education as an Indicator of the Global Economy.
• The new face of TVET: Virtual TVET.
• Panel discussion: What Does the Increase in Digital Technology Mean for the Future?
…just to name a few

Beside the wide range of international speakers, there a couple of panel discussions. What can the audience expect from these?

Exciting discussions, exchange of international experiences and, of course, an interactive dialogue with the audience to try and answer two fundamental questions: 
• What Does the increase in digital technology mean for the Future of Education?
• How do innovative technologies impact the learning experience?

What are the most exciting innovations in education that you are looking forward to in 2019?

Innovation is quite a relative term. What is considered innovation today, will be a part of our children’s everyday life tomorrow. As for 2019, three highly discussed educative approaches are
• Personalized learning
• Increased focus on social-emotional learning
• Virtual Reality for education

What are the main challenges in the process of changing the face of education worldwide?

I believe the main challenge in the process of changing the face of education worldwide is to adapt the technology to the individual local requirements. Furthermore, to educate teachers accordingly in order to achieve a maximum usage out of the modern technological solutions.

Worlddidac aims to provide educators with the efficient means to access information for solutions to their challenges and therefore truly be the entity pursuing “where education comes together”.