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In Conversation with… Dr. Lilin Huang, CEO of HUANG's

This month we speak to Dr. Lilin from Huang's, who will be exhibiting at GESS Dubai in February 2018. She tells us about the shift to cloud integration in schools and their comprehensive e-learning solution called TEAM Model Smarter Classroom that will be on display during the show. Read to find out more about the company Huang's.

Please tell us more about Huang’s trade & technology corporation…

HUANG's Trade & Technology Corporation provides new and unlimited possibilities for both teaching and learning through cutting edge technologies and promoting effective technology at Smarter Educational Teaching & Learning models and strategies.
HUANG's focuses on designing, developing and deploying ICT in pedagogical models and educational smarter solutions. By Innovating, Interacting with and Improving the teacher's teaching (III teaching), students will become more Engaged, Enriched and have an Enhanced learning (EEE Learning).
We offer solutions for various situations and circumstances that fit different learning environments and systems.
Our products include:

1. TEAM Model Smarter Classroom Integrated Software (HiTeach)
2. Interactive Response System (IRS)
3. Integrated Document Camera (ezVision)
4. Student Tablet Learning System (HiLearning)
5. Lecture Capturing System Box (ezStation)
6. Smart Solution for Younger Learning with Interactive Smart Pen (Joy Class)
7. O2O (Online to Offline) Home Meeting (JoinNet)
8. Interactive Touch Screens (32”, 42”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 80”, 84”, 98”)(Persona)
9. Interactive White board (Gene Touch)
10. Multi-Function Digital Signage (42", 55", 65" Super Slime)
11. Magic Tablet (32”, 42", 55", 65")
12. E-Content (e-learning e-book, Simulative Learning System, C-Library)
13. School Equipment
14. Furniture Suppliers

What are the latest and exciting projects that you’ve been working on?

At Huang's we are developing several useful Smarter Educational Projects that could be implemented in institutions that have the hardware but lack the integrated the integrated solution for real teaching and learning environment.
1. TEAM Model Smarter Classroom in Mobile Project
2. TEAM Model Smarter Classroom in completing with NON effective Smart Board
3. JOYCLASS Happy Younger Learning Package—Happy Corner in the Classroom
4. HamaStar E-Curriculum Launching  

How long have you been operating in Jordan? How different is the education market there compared to the UAE?

We have been proudly operating in Jordan since 2014.
Education all around the world is changing. The fast pace changing that we are facing in the 21st century is affecting teaching approaches, methods or techniques and the learning styles. Students understanding of things and perceiving of information has evolved and shifted. Whether in Jordan or in the UAE parents, students and schools are all looking for a common ground of life skills and an educational system, where each person's individual skills potential, abilities and skills are harnessed and developed further to be used as his or her tools for attaining bigger things in life in definite facets such as exploration, innovation, progress and many others.

What is your secret to staying innovative?

Innovation as a word itself sends a positive feeling for being creative and inspired. When we are dealing with technology we are always looking to satisfy the user and simplify the use of it. Seeing the continuous success on applied systems in different schools and educational institutes has always given us the inspiration and encouragement to provide the latest and most up to date ideas and technology solutions.

Do you also provide training to students and/or educators?

Yes. Training is the most critical part in the technology deployment process. Anytime we implement the solutions into a school, we always design a customized training program for the teachers, students and IT staff there and follow up closely to put our users in the best possible position to succeed. The goals here are not only for the teacher to know how to use the product effectively, but also for the students to enjoy learning in an interactive and productive environment.

How do you find the right solution for the school you are working with?

We have a lot of experience in helping schools take the next step to transform into a smart school. There are many factors that go into the evaluation process and essentially contribute to our recommendation to the school. One of the most important factors, for instance, has to do with the schools past e-learning projects: what are some of the technologies the school has adopted in the past, how much experience do the teachers have when it comes to using technology on a daily basis, how comfortable are they with technology…etc. Those questions mentioned are crucial in finding the right solution for any schools we get in contact with.

What are some of your key findings from being in the industry that you would like to highlight? 

One of the most obvious changes we have observed is that the schools are shifting their focus from hardware upgrade to software and cloud integration. With almost all of the classrooms equipped with a computer and a projector, the task becomes finding the right interactive software that can take the classroom experience to the next level. The cloud learning management system also becomes a well sought-after commodity by the school with data collected in the classroom changes from paper-based to digital. By keeping keep track each individual student’s learning progress, the teacher will be able to easily identify his or her students’ strengths and weaknesses and provide the right assistance immediately. 

What can our visitors expect to see at your stand at GESS next year?

Visitors coming to GESS Dubai in 2018 will see the best comprehensive e-learning solution called TEAM Model Smarter Classroom! It integrates classroom interactive software with multiple kinds of smart devices as well as the cloud learning management system to make the entire teaching/learning experience a fun one. They will also find that we offer different school appliances and school furniture. Such as whole school playground parts, classroom furniture, reception signage and much more.

Why GESS Dubai?

GESS Dubai is a perfect platform for us to not only exhibit the cutting-edge products, but also share the experiences we have accumulated over the years in helping schools into smart schools. Being based in Jordan, we have had the pleasure to work with numerous academic institutions in Jordan, and this year we have started our first smart school projects in Dubai and Oman, and we are looking forward to expanding the wonderful work into more schools in the Middle East region.

What would you like to say to some of our lovely readers and visitors?

I would like to mention that Huang’s Smarter Education is here to support any institution to implement the best Educational Solution to be able to complete their institution and not have any gaps in Smarter Education for all ages.

Did you attend any exhibitions this year? Which ones did you enjoy?

Yes we sure did!

2017 GESS Dubai,

2017 BETT show,

2017 Teacher Skills Forum at Amman,

2017 WCIT,

2017 Digital Taipei

All of them had excellent performance; we enjoyed and learned from all of them.

Who should visit your stand at GESS Dubai 2018?

I believe anyone who has the passion in transforming the learning environment for our future generations should come visit us at GESS Dubai. It is a great opportunity to learn the challenges that our schools are currently facing and how can we collectively help tackle the issues by deploying the right solutions. After all, education technology is the “Next Big Thing” and now is definitely the right time to be in the industry.