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Picks of the week from across the Twitter-sphere

'Picks of the week' brings you our favourite educational discovers from the gold-mine that is Twitter. Whether you're looking to build your professional network, get some professional development ideas, discover resources and tips for your next class or promote your school community it's a pretty good bet you'll be able to do all four in just a few scrolls.

We came across @Mrlsmathsapps on #EduTwitter and love his free colouring by maths workbooks for years 4-6. Covering x tables, angles, Roman numerals and prime numbers, these free samples are a great way to get some maths practice without your students realising it.

With the summer holidays upon us for educators in the UAE, the below ‘A to Z of Crowdsourced Edu Podcasts’ from @TeamTait could be exactly what you need now that you have a bit more time for yourself.

While we are on the subject of having more time for yourself over the summer, check out the fantastic chart from @HeyPobble with 25 activities to look after your well-being. There has been lots of focus over the last few months on looking after your students well-being, now it’s your turn.