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Nawal Fagir


Nummu Academy

Nawal Fagir is an 18-year-old eCommerce entrepreneur based in Abu Dhabi. She is a digital marketer and the author of the self-help book: The Fear of Judgement which discusses the subject of confidence, freedom, and stepping into the highest version of oneself. She is also a public speaker, stocks & cryptocurrency trader, and the founder and CEO of Nummu Academy, an educational establishment that advocates for incorporating real-life skills in all schools while mentoring individuals of all backgrounds and ages to become more well-rounded and powerful. Her organization has worked with over a hundred school and university students in the span of a few months, teaching the youth valuable real-life skills that help them thrive in the real world. She also is an avid debater and has taken part in countless Model United Nations conferences, winning impressive awards in the process as she brainstormed resolutions, worked towards the SDGs, and was awarded certificates signed by Sir Ban Ki-moon, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations. One of her biggest missions is to reinvent the school system to make it more impactful for both students and teachers by making lessons more personalized, incorporating the formal teaching of transferable skills, and exploring technologies such as the Metaverse and how they can change the educational landscape for a brighter future. 


31 October, 2023 | 14:20 to 14:40
Beyond the Classroom: Unlocking Untapped Learning Potential

Would you believe it if you were told that a 17-year-old could sell an app for $30 million?

Or that a 13-year-old is capable of climbing Mount Everest? Or that a teenager could win the Nobel Peace Prize?

These are real stories of ambitious individuals from around the globe. There are countless examples of people achieving awe-inspiring achievements and breaking mind-blowing records at a shockingly young age. What, then, can we teach the youth so that they are equipped with the right skills to succeed? How  can we prepare our students for a bright future filled with unlimited possibilities and help them reach the ceiling of their potential? Every child has something valuable to share; every individual’s story is unique and valid. In this talk, we will explore the tactics to understanding, supporting and empowering students so they not only drive better overall results for the school, but also learn invaluable skills to become high-performing leaders and change the world for the better.