Morgan Whitfield

Director of Teaching and Learning

Amity Abu Dhabi

Morgan Whitfield is a dynamic senior leader who is currently a Director of Teaching and Learning at Amity Abu Dhabi. She has taken on such roles as Head of Sixth Form, Head of Humanities and Head of Scholars. She is known for galvanising academic enrichment. Morgan's passion is teaching and learning and her NPQSL focused on metacognition and self-regulation initiatives. Her book on enrichment, equity, and high-end challenge is coming out in 2023, in this she tackles and reinvents traditional conceptions of gifted and talented programs. Morgan hails from Canada and holds degrees from Queen's University and the University of Guelph, where she was a President's Scholar. She can be found on Twitter @TeachMorgan. 


01 November, 2023 | 11:30 to 11:50
Enrichment and Equity - Re-inventing Giftedness

Gifted and talented is a term that can be retired. So how are we replacing it? High ability? More able? We can go beyond a shift in nomenclature. The high-end challenge for all is key. This will be an exploration of Renzulli, Gagne and Borland as leaders in the gifted field who have turned the definitions upside down. We will evaluate powerful strategies to stretch and challenge all students through inclusive models of enrichment and extension. Programmes for ‘gifted’ students can be elitist, exclusive, and antiquated. Identifying students is problematic. These are valid criticisms, so let's use new tools to identify, target, and extend our students' abilities.