Mohammad Suhail Almadani

Founder & CEO

Classera Inc

Founder & CEO of Classera Inc. Graduated from OSU in USA with an Industrial Systems Engineering Bachelor degree and International Business degree. He got the Endeavor World Certificate as one of the highest impact entrepreneurs in the world 2017. Member of the advisory board of several educational institutions. He got Executive Education certificate from Harvard Business School. His leadership led Classera to have 3 international awards for "Education Technologies" had honored by the largest worldwide educational organizations such as: Bett Award 2017 in Innovation for K-12: Among 100s of companies worldwide, Classera was selected to be the best innovation solution for K-12 in 2017. The Learning Award 2018: Among top 3 companies worldwide in Digital Learning Transformation, Classera awarded in the Learning Award 2018 in London. Best Innovation E-Learning Software in 2018: Classera won the first place worldwide in the innovation track in GESS Education Awards 2018


30 October, 2023 | 11:00 to 11:30
Empowering Futures Through Education Innovation

Join us for an insightful discussion featuring education leaders from Pakistan and Tunisia, alongside Classera CEO. In this session, we'll explore the innovative approaches undertaken by these ministers to leverage Classera Super Learning Platform for implementing digital transformation in their education systems. Our esteemed speakers will share strategic initiatives aimed at aligning with the educational goals of their nations. This conversation isn't just a discussion; it's a glimpse into the future of education policymaking. Gain firsthand knowledge about the smart learning strategies employed by these ministers and Classera to catalyze digital evolution within their educational frameworks. It's an opportunity to understand the vision behind educational transformation directly from those leading the way.