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Mohamed Raouf

Head of Makerspace

42 Abu Dhabi

Mohamed Raouf Houhou is a passionate Mechanical Engineer deeply immersed in the realm of robotics. Currently leading the Student Life and Makerspace at 42 Abu Dhabi, my focus lies in pushing the boundaries of technology. I excel in mechanical design, 3D printing, and programming robots in C language, aiming to craft revolutionary robotic solutions that redefine our interaction with technology. I'm not only a skilled engineer but also an accomplished Robotics Coach. I've mentored teams to victory in national and international competitions, notably UAE National Robotics Competition and GCC contests. My expertise centers on precise and efficient robot design, integrating cutting-edge technologies with practicality. Proficient in C language, I bring robots to life, enabling them to tackle intricate tasks with precision. Beyond work, gaming and building robots fuel my creativity, shaping my well-rounded problem-solving approach. Looking forward, I aim to enhance coding skills and integrate AI into robotics, envisioning a future of limitless automation and advanced problem-solving. For more about my work or potential collaborations, feel free to connect. Let's unite our passion for robotics and drive technological innovation together!


31 October, 2023 | 14:45 to 15:05
AI and Machine Learning in Robotics

Delve into how artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques are enhancing robotic capabilities, such as object recognition, path planning, and decision-making in dynamic environments.