May Zalat

Centre Manager

Ora, Nursery of the future
May is Ora, Nursery of the future, Centre Manager & an Early Years Instructor At Kidz Inc. She has held a number of different senior leadership positions in the U.A.E, she has more than 11 years of experience in Early Years, she is certified in leadership in Early Years Education & highly skilled in Curriculum design and development, behaviour management, Special Educational Needs & child development.
She has always wanted to work in Early Years' Education for as long as she can remember as it has been her dream job since she was in school! but it all started with the Special Educational Needs when she delivered her 1st child who has Down Syndrome. Since that moment her positive journey has started with him as Mom, Teacher & Instructor.


27 February 2020 | 13:30 - 13:40 | How to Embrace Your Special Needs Students Inclusively and Respectfully From a Teacher, Trainer and Mum's Perspective

I will explain the differences between inclusion, exclusion, segregation & integration.

We need to include the students & accept them in our community and to understand their needs by offering: -
Life skills programs such as cooking, sewing, planting classes ….
In addition of the academic as well, music and sports.

To offer the students the same opportunity of learning is Not Inclusion but is to offer them the right approach for the student to learn is the inclusion.