Kai vacher


Kai is a progressive and modernising thinker with an open and inclusive style. As Principal of British School Muscat, Kai is determined to establish BSM as a leading international school. He has an appreciation of and interest in combining the best of traditional teaching methods with more innovative approaches based on research. In April 2017 both the Primary and Senior school received an overall British Schools Overseas inspection judgement of “outstanding with exemplary features” and was assessed to be outstanding in all categories. BSM is the leading provider in the Middle East for the COBIS Programme for Middle Leadership and the COBIS Programme for Aspiring Headteachers. Phase 1 of 3 phases to provide inspiring facilities for BSM students and the community has been recently completed. In 2018 BSM was nominated for TES International School of the Year and the British International School Award for Innovative Teaching. BSM is a pioneer school for High Performance Learning.


Future Learning

28 February 2019 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English | Creating a Learning Ethos for 21st Century Skills

How can you create a learning ethos for 21st Century Skills? Kai will explain how over the last 4 at British School Muscat

  1. All the staff were involved in creating a learning ethos for 21st Century Skills
  2. How this learning ethos has been embedded in everyday teaching and learning.
  3. How the learning ethos underpins an ambitious outdoor education programme from 3-18.
  4. How the learning ethos is driving the redesign of learning from the foundations upwards.
  5. How the whole school community has embraced the BSM Learning Ethos.

GESS Talks Arena

28 February 2019 | 13:45 - 13:55 | English | GESS Bites: How Authentic Are You as a Leader?

People want to be led by someone real. However a deep distrust of leaders is not unusual. Authentic leaders are trustworthy, have high levels of integrity and are genuine. Kai will introduce you to a self- analysis tool that will help you to assess how authentic you are as a leader.