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Kai Vacher


As Principal of British School Muscat since 2011, Kai has accelerated BSM into the position of a leading international school, building on its historical reputation for delivering an exemplary education in Oman. BSM was named "International School of the Year 2019," "British International School of the Year 2018" and also received the "High Performance Learning World Class School Award" in June 2019. A dynamic thinker, innovator, and expert in the international sector - Kai has devoted his career to teaching, learning and seeking ways to bring out the very best in students, teachers and the community. He believes in the spirit of generosity; in sharing and exchanging thoughts and ideas that work to improve the teaching profession. He has an appreciation of and interest in combining the best traditional teaching methods with more innovative, research based, approaches. Kai has grown the school to the current 1270 students across the 3-18 age range and he has steered an ambitious building and renovation programme at BSM, creating inspiring new facilities for BSM students and the community. The state of the art Oryx Theatre opened at the start of this year. Kai is always interested in strengthening his network with new connections and exploring what others are doing to help bring out the very best in young people and colleagues.


Leadership stream

26 February 2020 | 15:00 - 15:30 | What Kind of Leader Are You?

This session will actively engage participants in the following questions: 1. Why should you be interested in authentic leadership? 2. What does authentic leadership look like? 3. How can we help school leaders to become more authentic? Join us for this session and see how you measure up as an authentic leader, review what your strengths are and consider how you could you become even more authentic.