Jodie Drew

Principal - Boys

Rashid and Latifa School

Jodie Drew Extensive experience as a teacher and educational leader with a passion for innovation and excellence in education. An accomplished education professional and former teacher in the UK and Abu Dhabi, I moved to Dubai to be Principal - Boys at Rashid and Latifa School.


01 November, 2023 | 13:40 to 14:25
Leading Possibility

Rashid and Latifa Schools is the embodiment of a vision by Dubai’s leaders for the school to be a world-class institution that will be the training ground of the future leaders of the emirate and the UAE. Jodie Drew, Principal (Boys), Claire Crew, Principal (Girls), and Philippa Wraithmell (Assistant Principal, Digital Strategy, Learning and Innovation) will share

• How the RLS journey began and what education empowerment, research and vision-driven school development means for an educational institution that has lofty ambitions for the future of education in Dubai and the UAE, as well as the rest of the world

• What the student learning experience will be like at this visionary school, where STUDENTS LEAD their learning pathways, instead of mere participants in the learning process

• How the school’s innovative strategy will empower culture, digital fluency as well as data literacy, numeracy and reading literacy.

It is a journey that will be shared by three amazing women