Jamie Hagan

Associate Senior Leader-Advanced Skills Teacher-Teacher of Art & Design

GEMS Founders School, Al Barsha, Dubai

I am an experienced educational leader with a passion for supporting identity development and self-awareness within young people. I qualified as an Art & Design teacher in 2013 with a BA in Art & Design Education, along with a first-class honours in Fine Art Painting. I followed this with an MA in Art Psychotherapy in 2017. I have 8 years teaching experience, in both Primary and Secondary School settings. I have worked in both Irish and UK International schools. Within this time, I have led a large and growing Art & Design department as the Head of Art. I also have varied experiences working in the mental health field, working largely with adolescents and young adults. I am currently an Associate Senior Leader in a large school of over 6000 students, in my role as Advanced Skills Teacher I have successfully implemented a Character Education curriculum which I have designed to meet the bespoke needs of the students in our school. This curriculum continues to grow and improve as it is continuously monitored and adapted as the implementation process progresses. I have presented this action research project in a worldwide educational platform, and I am excited to continue to share this work.


31 October, 2023 | 11:30 to 11:50
Supporting the development of student's moral identity

A successful Character Education curriculum supports students' wellbeing by allowing them to self-explore and develop in a supportive and informative environment. Leading to a greater sense of self-awareness. When you are confident in who you are you are better equipped to take on challenges. When you can take on challenges with greater ease you are more likely to feel content, stable, safe, and fulfilled. Every school, every family and every student is different; different in their views on values, different in character traits they can demonstrate strongly, and the character traits they want to further develop. In this session, I will discuss how to gather information on the needs of a whole school community, and how to use that information to inform a bespoke character education curriculum, created solely for the needs of that educational setting.