Fiona McKenzie

Head of Education

Carfax Education

Head of Education for Carfax Education, Fiona McKenzie heads up a team of consultants. Educated at Rugby School and St. Andrew's University, and for the past 30 years has worked in independent education in Australia, the U.K, and the UAE. Her roles in schools have encompassed teaching, marketing, recruiting, alongside running alumni relations. Fiona moved into education consultancy and ran the Middle East business of another firm before joining Carfax Education. Over the years Fiona has worked with hundreds of families, guiding them to make the best educational choices for their children. Carfax Education reports a remarkable success rate in securing enviable places for its students. Some 90 per cent of Carfax pupils secured places at their top boarding school choice, and 75 per cent were admitted into top 25 British boarding schools.


Growth Mindset

16 November 2022 | 12:30 - 12:50 | English | Record rise of University Applications

Universities across the world are seeing record levels of applications - this year, UCAS (the UK University and College Admissions Service) released a projection that the 2026 cycle could see one million applicants, with the number of international students to grow by two-thirds. So, how to make an application stand out and how to prepare as an international student? Fiona Mckenzie, Head of Education at Carfax Education shares her guidance and advice, in making a competitive application.