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Elizabeth Kelleher

Deputy Head of Senior School

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi School

20 years of international teaching and leadership experience, developing future focused programs that empower student autonomy, equipping them with the skills and character necessary for future success. She creates a transformative educational experience that nurtures the next generation of responsible, forward-thinking leaders. 



31 October, 2023 | 10:30 to 10:50
Future-Proofing Pathways

In today's world, where knowledge and information are readily accessible to all, it is becoming increasingly important to empower students to be the cartographer of their own pathways and pursue the lives they truly desire. The traditional approach of directing students towards predetermined career paths with standardised assessment methods is rapidly losing relevance. The focus needs to switch from asking children 'what they want to be' towards 'who they want to be' , the programmes I have been designing over the last number of years seek to address exactly this. 

 A core curriculum of study to equip students with a diverse range of skills and abilities, enabling them to develop character and navigate their own unique journeys. Embracing a blended learning approach, combining essential skills teaching with independent learning opportunities. By placing the student at the centre of their own learning process, this Core Curriculum fosters a transformative journey of self-discovery, and self - realisation helping young adults end up exactly where they aught to be.

 Students at Cranleigh who complete all the elements of the Core Curriculum not only gain additional accredited qualifications but also develop vital attributes such as critical thinking, adaptability, collaboration, confidence and tenacity. These skills are crucial for success and thriving in the modern world. The programme goes beyond conventional academic learning, nurturing confident, resilient, and mindful global citizens who are ready to shape the future according to their own aspirations.