Dr. Simran Ballani

Pedagogical Director

Council for Creative Education

Simran Ballani has donned many hats. Her biggest highlight is pursuing her doctorate with EIU, Paris when she is nearing her 50s. Her beautiful family and friends are her guiding light or so as to say wind beneath her wings to be a better person and leader each day. As a Pedagogical Director with CCE Finland, Simran leads a transformation for diverse teams in education & corporate sectors across Southeast Asia. Her coaching and strategy is multi-dimensional including the implementation of Finnish Pedagogy with an accurate mix of local educational/policy reforms. Simran is an advocate of self-care and a champion of unlocking happiness programs within organizations. Being a certified Happiness Coach from Berkeley CA USA - She mentors and coaches professionals and executives to be the best they can be and achieve their goals. She does this because she believes that each person has the potential and we need to build them up and continue to grow and learn together. Her work with NGO - ECDF as zonal head was just that part of the missing puzzle that she needed to give back to society in a more meaningful way. Simran leads as a daughter, mother, wife, director, and coach by living her values: #leadwithexample #leadwithempowerment #leadwithhappiness #benice&firm



30 October, 2023 | 11:50 to 12:10
‘SISU Box’ Finnish Preschool in a Box - CCE Finland’s design innovation

With a passion of bringing in creativity - CCE Finland began its journey of designing innovative SISU Box - A complete preschool in a box. This box - which is inspired by the Finnish Maternity box is also a continuation of sorts. It takes the journey forward of child & parent into the world of early year development. Over 500+ SISU boxes have been shipped to educators & parents to Kuwait, Nigeria, South Korea, Thailand, United States of America, Vietnam & India. The Finnish ECE approach emphasizes the holistic, dynamic and social nature of learning as well as advances the child’s balanced growth and development. This view is largely supported by multidisciplinary research in educational sciences. The Curriculum for ECE also pays close attention to developing 21st-century skills in children from early years on. SISU box is a Design from Finland accredited box - designed for parents/teachers.