Dr. Kenneth Imperato

Chief Academic Officer/Senior Policy Advisor

Paramount Education

Dr. Ken Imperato is currently an independent consultant/trainer in international education governance, educational leadership efficacy and doctoral dissertation preparation/support in academic disciplines in the fields of education and the behavioral sciences.  He is contracted by Paramount Education (Dubai) as Chief Academic Officer for quality assurance across its three active schools (including MAIS – Sharjah), and academic advisor to the founding of three more schools under development. He also trains educators in assessment practices, effective use and interpretation of standardized test data, accreditation/inspection preparation and is in the midst of skill building in integrating AI into primary and secondary curricula. He has served in roles such as a school and group senior leader, university professor, lead accreditor, researcher, and large-scale ministerial-level program management and development.


30 October, 2023 | 17:05 to 17:20
Developing and implementing Finnish education in the GCC - A case from Sharjah, UAE