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Andrea Hofmeyr

Marketing, Design, Project Office, Operations and Procurement

Green School South Africa

Welcome to a school where curiosity, creativity and innovation flourish. Welcome to a school that inspires and equips its learners and community to thrive with purpose, now and in the future. Welcome to a campus that ignites the senses and creates a sense of wonder in adults and children alike. Welcome to Green School South Africa. Green School South Africa educates for sustainability in a progressive, learner-centred way. We are focused on preparing young people to thrive in a changing world. Our carefully researched educational approach is designed to ignite a love for lifelong learning, a joyful, wonderous journey, and teach our learners the skills we believe are required to thrive now and in the future. We believe that each child learns differently and with 1 teacher for every 10 learners, we provide a personalised approach to our learners. We’re part of the global Green School movement, launched in 2008 by Green School Bali. Green School South Africa is the third school in this global network, along with Green School New Zealand and Green School Tulum will open in 2022 in Mexico. We offer Kindergarten (ages 3 to 6) and Grades 1 to 11 in 2024 – growing annually to become a school that educates up to Grade 12 in 2025. Read more on our website at: Photo upload (High res jpeg for use in conference programme):


30 October, 2023 | 12:35 to 13:20
Beyond Sustainability - from immersive education to living buildings

The topic of sustainable future is certainly one of the leitmotifs not only in education, but in every area of our life. However, the issues of the future of the educational environment, including the school building as such, go beyond sustainability as it is usually understood. Within this panel, we propose to address the following questions and try to find answers by approaching urban planners and those engineering solutions that are already ahead of the future:

•          The school building is rapidly becoming outdated; hybrid forms of education constantly demand varieties of different spaces; sustainability paradigm demands to address environment issues – thus we need to catch a glimpse of the future, what are the areas of further development? What solutions can we offer here in terms of engineering, technologies, design and architecture?

•          What are the “futuristic” scenarios of a learning environment? Is it possible for a school building to become "immersive" or "alive"? Can it respond to a certain state of mind and body? or anticipate some type of activity? Is it possible for a school building to be responsive to the emotional needs of our teachers and students? Would schools accept such an offer from designers and engineers? 

•          What can existing “futuristic” sustainable and regenerative schools offer to other schools? Any recipes for others to start doing something today?

Within our panel three representatives of three incredible progressive schools are going to discuss some of the issues described with the representative of Arup company - a trend setter for future engineering solutions and urban planning. School is never just a building – it’s always a larger ecosystem, a community builder.