Admission Policy

No person under 16 years of age can be admitted to the GESS Dubai trade exhibition during the build-up, open period or breakdown as it is a B2B trade only event. This rule applies to exhibitors, contractors and visitors and will be rigidly enforced to comply with venue health & safety regulations. Please note that no child-care facilities are located on-site. Only children who are part of a pre-approved chaperoned school activity or pre-arranged school visit may be allowed entrance to GESS Dubai during show days.


On rare occasions that children may be taking part in pre-arranged exhibitor demonstrations or conference presentations, the organisers may allow escorted siblings into GESS Dubai on a case-by-case scenario for that period of time only, as long as the parents or guardians of the siblings report to the organisers office at least one (1) day beforehand or apply in writing one (1) day in advance so arrangements for security badges and venue clearance can be arranged. This option is not confirmed though and is still at the organisers discretion and final decision, subject to parent and/or guardian submitting a disclaimer that Tarsus Dubai are not responsible for the welfare of said child while onsite.


Also note that GESS Dubai is a B2B trade event and the dress code is business attire and cultural clothing sensitivities must be adhered to at all times.