Zen Khan


A mother of four wonderful boys, I understand the importance and support needed to help children achieve their potential as well as the inspiration they require from their teachers to help them achieve their goals. I want to help improve education in the regions my company operates in by recruiting the right teachers for the right schools. I successfully lead a highly effective team by Coaching, Mentoring and Supporting. My team are professional women who are looking to return to work after a career break ,my team are passionate about education,working from around the globe,we are all working mothers with one vision to "Contribute to improving education" I have worked as a leader in a school ,with some wonderful EDUCATORS, INSPIRATIONAL LEADERS, innovators, VISIONARIES and trendsetters in education. Working with such people has given me the gumption to improve education, the drive to move it along seamlessly and help schools find the right teachers for the right role. I am a resilient leader who understands the importance of collaboration, the subtle yet important role of polite service and regular assistance offered to applicants, the need to provide that extra service and go above and beyond . I am enthusiastic about education, innovation and preparing children for the future world.


Leadership stream

26 February 2019 | 14:00 - 17:00 | English | Moral Education CPD (This is a KHDA Approved Mandatory training for Teacher Permit Dubai)

The personal development of students; morally, socially and culturally, plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. The emphasis upon these aims within the school mission statement is indicative to the central role that MEP will have within their school. Development of MEP both explicitly in the daily life of the school and implicitly through direct teaching is essential to raising standards of all students.  This training will provide each school with the importance of character and values on students and how these are delivered as part of the MEP program through its 4 pillars.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of the Moral education programme
  • Understand the Moral education Curriculum framework
  • Know the approaches for teaching the UAE Moral education programme

A certificate of completion will be issued to each attendee.

Maximum of 30 people to attend this session (attendees must be able to speak and write in English)
And as this course is for Teacher Permit - only those working in a school can participate’

Sign up in for this session in advance is essential
Attendees can sign up by emailing Lindsey on: info@zenpd.ae