Zainab Abbas Ali Al Ajmi

Educational Researcher

Educational Researcher in the General Directorate for Curriculum Development, Curriculum Evaluation Department, Ministry of Education, Sultanate of Oman, PhD student at Sultan Qaboos University, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and a certified trainer in development and human resources, provided several training programs, workshops, work papers, , Attended a number of conferences in Oman and abroad and participated in the preparation of the Education Standards Document for the Sultanate from 2012-2014. I received many certificates of appreciation and awards, including the best employee award for the year 2009 at the ministry level.


Neuroscience & Wellbeing

26 February 2019 | 16:30 - 17:00 | Arabic | The Impact of an Educational Program Based on the Components of Emotional Intelligence in Developing the Skills of the 21st Century

The application of a research experience to an educational program in the skills of emotional intelligence helps students in schools to develop thinking skills in the twenty-first century, where studies have shown the correlation of mental abilities with emotional skills, and the success of the school depends on a large number of factors, the most important emotional factors that are the basis for each Learning Forms. The power of emotions is the extent of their influence on the process of thinking, for example anxiety paralyzes the process of thinking especially in front of complex tasks; On the other hand, the student who recognizes his emotions used as an incentive for academic preparation and success. Emotional skills are the key to enhancing students' abilities towards scientific thinking; they make them more capable of solving problems in the real world