Zachary Smith

Curriculum Specialist

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education

Zachary Smith started his career in Education as an English language teacher in Zelengrad, Russia in 2010. He joined the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education as an English Language Curriculum Specialist in 2016. From 2021 He has worked in the Curriculum Development and Planning Unit supporting the Humanities and Languages subjects in the Curriculum Sector. He has worked on many projects, including authoring and adapting content, working with digital education platforms and curriculum management and development.


Global Learning

15 November 2022 | 14:10 - 14:30 | English | Tolerance as Pillars of Curriculum Innovation - A workshop on implementing the integrated Ministry of Education's Moral, Social and Culture Programme

The Humanities Integrated Syllabus, driven by the Moral, Social and Cultural Studies curriculum aims to realise the Ministry of Education’s vision of an ‘Innovative education for a knowledge, pioneering and global society’. by developing morally strong individuals, who exhibit the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to make sense of the world around them and thrive as happy, successful and responsible global citizens.