Yousef Alkhariji


Alandalus Schools

CEO of Alandalus Schools.


GESS Talks Arena

27 February 2020 | 12:05 - 12:25 | Digital Learning Transformation in Saudi Arabia

We believe that we have accelerated to what once was considered a far future very soon, especially on the technology side. Technology has re-shaped our life in many aspects, and many sectors and one of the sectors that are impacted by this is for sure the education sector. Many private schools and institutions nowadays are replacing the traditional heavy school bags & notebooks with a single app in their students’ tablets; utilizing augmented reality, virtual classrooms, and artificial intelligence to provide their students with a whole new learning experience. Is it possible to see such a transformation in the public education sector or a national scale?? Discover all of that and more! And how is the public sector competing with the private sector into adopting the latest technologies in education and how big governments from all around the world are competing and striving to be the best model in utilizing education technologies to impact their entire coming generations.