Yasmeen Suleiman

Student, Hartland International School

Yasmeen is a 13 year old artist with a thirst for creativity. Not a day passes where she is not creating – be it digitally or using more traditional media. Yasmeen was introduced to VR art in 2019 and began creating with Google Tilt Brush. This led to a series of live demonstrations on stage at GESS 2020 which in turn inspired her to start her own YouTube channel. In 2021, Yasmeen was introduced to the world of NFTs and decided to try creating a collection. She came up with the idea for #NFTeacups independently and in May, the first wave of 10 cups was launched. The project gained momentum and each wave sold out. Yasmeen’s work with VR and NFTs led to her being offered a 3 year Art Scholarship at Hartland International School, which she began in September.

Future Transformation Zone

16 November 2021 | 14:40 - 15:10 | English | A fireside chat with NFT superstar student Yasmeen Suleiman

A walk through in the day of the life of a 12 year old student who is building her own digital art empire, blazing a trail regionally and globally.