Xin Miao

Lead researcher, Alef Education/Harvard Graduate School of Education

Education is the engine for human capital development. Empowering individuals to have the mindsets and skills to survive and thrive independently is the magic and charm of this industry. Over the years, I have acquired both bottom-up K12 practice experience and top-down education research & policy training. I have worked in China's highly professionalized education system, explored North America & international organizations, worked in ed tech industry in the Middle East. I believe technology and AI have meaningful roles to play in K12 education, but R&D efforts are needed to bring out the best of of technology in order to drive learning experience and learning gains for students in different context. I am very interested in AI-Ed R&D, developmental psychology, K12 pedagogical frameworks, machine learning, AI-Ed ethics and policy governance. I believe industry researchers should think like entrepreneurs in order to leverage strategies, operational resources, learning science and research evidence to develop products that drive impact on student learning.


Future Transformation Zone

15 November 2021 | 14:15 - 14:35 | English | K12 AI-Ed R&D and Policy Governance

AI technologies are fast changing, public and private sectors have been prioritizing AI-related initiatives across various domains in many countries, including the UAE. However, R&D efforts have to be made to understand the application value of AI-technologies in education, especially K12 education; public policy-makers have to take into account both AI methodologies and core domain knowledge in order to come up with governance structure that best serve public and private interests. This presentation focuses K12 AI-Ed R&D, industry examples, future directions, and discussions on policy-making implications.