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Witold Matulewicz

Co-Founder / Vice-President

Fully UK-qualified Teacher Trainer and Early Childhood Professional with over 20 years of experience. UK-certified Assessor-Evaluator in Early Years Professional Status, National Vocational Qualifications in Child Care Learning and Development, and National Vocational Qualifications in Playwork. Responsible for assessing the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care provisions in the UK. In charge of training other Early Years Professionals and Parents. Specialises in Intuitive Parenting, Positive Pedagogy, Child-Led and Self-Directed Learning and Play, Multi-Sensory Learning, Cross-Curricular Education, Multicultural Learning, Entrepreneurial Education and Multilingualism.


Future Learning

28 February 2019 | 11:30 - 12:00 | English | Born to Play - The Importance of Self-Directed Play in Early Years Education as a Key Tool to Unlocking Children's Fullest Potential

The New World needs confident individuals who deeply know themselves, who are aware of their inner gifts and talents, and who know how to share them with the world to inspire and lead others. The New World needs people fuelled with passion, eager to learn, ready to make a profound and positive impact. People who can inspire and encourage others to follow their joy, contribute to the society to make the world a safe and positive place to live. Our children have a potential to grow to become such people. But what does this all have to do with Play? Child-Led and Self-Directed Play is the single key element in Early Years Education that connects children with their inner gifts and talents in the most natural way, and allows them to explore the world in the most intuitive and joyful way. It has the power to completely redefine the way we understand and offer learning experiences. It has the power to profoundly impact future generations. Time to Play!