Whitney Edmondson

Curriculum Lead

Raha International School KCC

Hello there! My name is Whitney Edmondson, and I am an experienced educator who has been teaching in the British and IB curriculum for 8 years. I am passionate about mathematics education and believe that real-life applications are crucial in helping students understand the "hows" and the "whys" of learning.


31 October, 2023 | 14:05 to 14:25
Bringing Learning to Life: The Importance of Real-World Applications in the Classroom

With this presentation, I aim to highlight the importance of incorporating real-life applications into the classroom and how it can benefit both teachers and students. I will delve into the significance of planning and collaboration in the integration of real-life applications into the curriculum. I will discuss how to align learning objectives with real-life scenarios and how to engage students by making their learning experiences more practical and meaningful. Furthermore, we will explore the benefits of incorporating real-life applications in the classroom, promoting creativity and problem-solving abilities, and developing students’ interpersonal skills, among others. I will also share some success stories and challenges that educators have faced in implementing real-life applications in their teaching practice, and how they overcame them. Finally, I will offer practical advice and tips to help educators implement more real-life applications into their teaching practice.