Vinod Gandhi

Managing Director

The GeeKay World School

Mr. Vinod Gandhi, a Man of Vision, has successfully established his businessfoundation at a very young age and has always aspired to scale heights. He hasexplored the unexplored and unwrapped the hidden opportunities available atdifferent and versatile fields of business. Having completed his Schooling andCollege Education from Madras Christian College and Loyola College Chennai, Heardently pursued his passion in Designing and Art of all forms. Mr. Vinod Gandhibrought in internationalism in all aspects of education and his educationalphilosophy aims at holistic development of the child in all aspects-Physical,Mental, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual. His travel and research on variouseducational standards and practices followed nationally and internationally, is thespine behind the design of the Geekay unique curricula integrating the bestinternational practices.


Innovation Stage

25 February 2020 | 15:15 - 16:15 | Educators as Learners: Innovative Models for Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

In today’s world educators are expected not only to have strong subject and pedagogic knowledge but also possess effective classroom management skills, readily adopt new technologies, and be inclusive and sensitive to the diverse needs of their students. The movement is from dissemination to facilitation and synthesis.Educators need to be supported and motivated to enable children to achieve their fullest possible potential. For this to happen, educators need to have the opportunity to refresh and enhance their skills throughout their professional lives. A lifetime of teaching requires knowledge, skills and behaviors that continuously develop and evolve. This leads us to innovative models of continuing professional development (CPD).

In this session, panelists will discuss:

  • CPD in today’s scenario–relevance, challenges and opportunities
  • CPD through Ed-camps, Social Media, Apps, Professional Learning Communities, etc.–Are they really innovative?
  • Effective CPD through collaboration and sharing of learning and experiences.
  • Educators can be more effective if they are able to access effective training and development opportunities over the course of their career–What models works best in different contexts?
  • Technology as an enabler for CPD–Enabling them to learn, share and network.