Victoria James

Regional Head of Development - Middle East, Tes Institute

Victoria James leads the regional business of Tes Institute from Dubai, and is passionate about supporting teacher retention and wellbeing through structured support systems and investment in people and career development in international teaching. Victoria is co-founder of the Women in Education network, Wii Edu, and connects and facilitates conversations amongst the international teaching community in the Middle East.

Leaders in Education Conference

15 November 2021 | 13:55 - 14:25 | English | Staff Retention in International Teaching - a school leader perspective

The promise of sunnier climes, shorter working hours and tax free salaries drives teachers to international teaching, but can also lead to speedy staff turnover as teachers view their new international position as temporary, and leaders view the churn as part of the international education landscape. Staff retention is a pressing issue given the expense of international hires, but also improving standards can be incredibly tough with this temporary mindset. Victoria James will moderate a conversation with leaders to discuss practical strategies to drive retention rates up, encourage loyalty and build a reputation as the best place to work. This conversation will touch on teacher wellbeing in terms of job satisfaction, career progression and security, and encourage the change in mindset required in staff approaches to international teaching.