Vamsee Krishna

Chief Executive

Yardstick Educational Initiatives

Mr. Vamsee Krishna, an innovator in the learning and development area with a focus in global skills, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. A teacher trainer himself, he works with schools to promote Innovation and 21st century skills. His core areas of training are leadership and governance, innovations in curriculum delivery and imparting 21st century skills. He has conducted over 100 workshops in India, UAE and UK. His knowledge and experience of innovation in schools comes from extensive work he has undertaken in middle East, UK and Indian schools. He is co-founder and CEO of Yardstick Educational Initiatives, is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology and a passionate educational entrepreneur. He is also avid cyclist and marathoner.


Education in action

26 February 2020 | 15:00 - 15:30 | Design Principles of Inquiry-based STEAM Education Program

Inquiry-based STEAM learning focuses on practical hands-on experiences and creative ways to solve problems. The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate the development of a scientific inquiry-based STEAM education program and design a matrix to evaluate its effectiveness. The workshop proposes a rubric of 21 parameters to evaluate the program based our research and available date. These parameters are categorized into the following. 1. Curriculum relevant 2. Motivation and Satisfaction 3. Process Skills development 4. Logistical feasibility 5. Real life connection and purpose Through my surveys of educators, program analysis, classroom observations, student discussions and teacher conversations, I was able to validate the importance of each of these criteria and come out with a weightage of each criterion.