Ulrike Suwwan

Senior Education Management Consultant/Education Consultant for School Improvement and Development Company

Ulrike Suwwan is a passionate education management consultant from Germany. After studying Education Management, Organization and Planning she joined the German Institute for International Pedagogical Research where she worked at the Department for Educational Quality assurance and Development. Before almost 15 years she moved to the UAE and started working here as Educational Advisor for school owners, investors, governmental authorities and SLTs of international schools. She also trained teachers, school leaders, even corporate business leaders and politicians in leadership skills following her motto: Guiding Others By Leading Yourself. Beside this she loves the idea of social and educational entrepreneurship and therefore mentors edupreneurs around the world who come up with ideas that have the potential for making a difference for children and youth. At the moment Ulrike Suwwan works as Educational Consultant for School Improvement and Development as part of the SLT at the German International School Dubai. 


Leadership stream

28 February 2019 | 11:30 - 12:00 | English | Guiding Others By Leading Yourself. Hands on Workshop on Setting a Personal Vision Statement as Foundation for Building Your Own Brand as a Professional Educator

Leadership always starts with oneself. In education we face many different levels where leadership takes place. Be it in the classroom by guiding your students, be it as a HoD or HoS leading a team or naturally as part of the SLT steering the whole school community - it all starts with yourself. At times of social media, where image and status seems to become everything that counts, one needs to be even more reflective on how to express your own values, the reasons of your decision making and the goals you want to achieve. You will need to build your own brand. The vision statement is the core of it and this is what we will reflect about and set during this intensive workshop. Having set a vision statement, having reflect about your own very personal goals for your life will help you in giving guidance to others. It will help you take decisions more confidently and provide you with a framework you can hold on to at times when decision making feels more difficult.