Tuğba Ece

Educational Research and Development Coordinator


Tuğba Yüksel Ece started her career as an English Teacher. Then she got promoted as European Union Projects Expert in an private School in Istanbul. She respectively worked as founding International School Managing Coordinator, Managing Coordinator, Educational Research & Development Coordinator. She has a bachelor’s and two master’s degree diploma: Education Management & IB Leadership Certificate Program in Maltepe University, Children Rights and Child’s Protection Program in Harvard University. She has attended many educational conferences, symposiums, seminars as a speaker: Oxford University (Oxford Educational Research Symposium), GESS Dubai, etc. She has got many glorious awards: Gulf Customer Experience Awards, European Business Awards, International Business Excellence Awards, etc..


Education in action

26 February 2020 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Experience Program at School

Experience Programs have 3 sub programs: Social Responsibility Program, Experience (internship) Program and Career Observation Program. Social Responsibility Program’s Purpose: Social responsibility projects aim to make students aware of social problems and to take action in the awareness of their responsibility and try to find solutions to these problems. Experience Program’s Purpose: As a result of the competitive environment in the domestic and international business world, technological developments, the rapid renewal of the business world; students attaining their goals without any effort, improving their dexterity, measuring their communication ability, empathy... Observation Program’s Purpose: We aim for our students to have an idea by closely observing the professional groups they may want to choose without getting into university life, to analyze business processes...