Terry White


Planning Learning Spaces

Terry is the co-editor and contributor to Planning Learning Spaces published by Laurence King in October 2019.He has extensive experience in schools and colleges as a headteacher and principal. He works internationally through learning-led design to  ensure  there is a strong emphasis on learning and teaching and improving educational outcomes when planning, designing and remodelling schools. He is the Chair of the Association for Learning Environments in the UK and founder of EdunovaSpace.



Future Learning

26 February 2020 | 11:00 - 11:30 | Reimagining schools for the 21st century: Why we need an agenda for change.

Can school design help us to realise a new vision for education that equips young people for life in a fast-changing world? This is the big question at the heart of Planning Learning Spaces, a new guide for anyone involved in the planning and design of learning environments. Murray Hudson has brought together educationalists and innovative school architects to pool their collective expertise and inspire the design of more intelligent learning spaces. He will prompt the audience to question common assumptions about how schools should look and how children should be educated: Why, they ask, have so many schools changed relatively little in more than a century? What form should a school library take in the internet age? Do classrooms really have to be square? Muray also tackles vital elements of learning space design such as the right lighting, heating and acoustics, and explores the key role of furniture, fixtures and fittings.