Tasneem Marsiawala

Head of Section

My name is Tasneem Marsiawala. I am currently the head of the Pre-Primary Section at Badri High School. I have 20+ years of teaching experience across all grade levels. I am ECE certified and have Diploma in Montessori teaching. I have authored an English textbook for grade level 1 for Danesh Publications. The series is in process of publication. I have conducted various workshops on topics related to early childhood education. I write for the school blog regularly. I have been able to achieve success in my field due to my passion for learning and teaching and my calm demeanour in the face of crisis. I am always searching for innovative ideas to implement and continuously challenge myself and my staff to break our own records. My teachers will vouch for the fact that I am a good motivator & I do not shy from giving credit where it is due and let others shine.


Future Learning

27 February 2019 | 15:30 - 16:00 | English | The How and Why of Getting Them on Stage

I would like to share my experiences with other ECE educators on how to plan, develop and execute a stage program by little children on a grand level. I will share the long term and short-term benefits of including such programs in the curriculum. The most important thing is to believe that little children can do anything and the difficult will translate into success! I will share pictures and videos of an ambitious project we undertook to arrange a stage program in an auditorium presented entirely by 3 - 6 year-olds. We aimed to make it appealing and able to sustain the interest of a neutral audience (other than parents or school faculty) and should involve every child from the Pre-Primary Section. Each individual skit related to a development focused in Pre-Primary ultimately leading to the holistic development of the child. The ultimate result was innovative & appealing with a strong message : Believe in them, and they will reach the stars.