Tariq Bell

Teacher of Geography & Head of House

Tariq Bell is a hard working and successful Leader within a Premium Dubai International School. His role within Management and Leadership at several schools, implementing new strategies to help them develop and his proven success working alongside parents and the wider community has provided him with the leadership experience and technical ability to utilise such skills in a wide range of roles. Tariq has Senior Leadership experience across Primary and Secondary schools, many years of examination experience teaching multiple subjects as well as experience as a Sixth Form Tutor assisting students to access university courses throughout the world. He has been through five Dubai Schools Inspections and also has experience of BSO and CIS-WASC inspections as well as IB accreditation visits and formerly Ofsted when working in England. Having previously held roles such as Vice Principal and led the Secondary School at GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, he has taken a bold career step in 2018 and returned to the classroom for a short while in order to refine his craft yet further. Passionate about Geography, Tariq aims to develop an innovative and provocative Geography Curriculum for the pupils at Brighton College Dubai.


Future Learning

26 February 2019 | 13:00 - 13:30 | English | The Value of Identity in Third Millennia Curriculums

Having been responsible for teaching and learning in one of Dubai's Premium International Schools, curriculum analysis has led me to believe that certain curriculums do not contain the appropriate content necessary to prepare young adults for their future lives. Universities and employers are increasingly searching for people who demonstrate that they have a strong appetite for global knowledge and understanding. Schools educate children about skills that they hope will prepare them for tomorrow; but will these highly skilled young people really know how to exist in this ever-changing world? A world so riven by conflict, where migration and globalisation are second nature, where teleworking is increasingly popular and long-distance travel gets ever shorter. As we step into the future is our uniqueness, our individuality, our identity, becoming increasingly eroded? Such concerns require refining the whole school curriculum and this presentation looks at strategies to do so.