Syed Sultan Ahmed

Managing Director

A 1st Generation entrepreneur, Sultan founded LXL Ideas an organization that impacts learning for students, parents and educators by making lessons for life through its verticals - Mentor: India’s leading education publication, School Cinema: a film-based module that makes learning lessons of life an entertaining experience & Krayon: India’s most respected events brand that conceptualizes & organizes large-impact kids’ events. A passionate educator, Sultan is a recipient of 6 prestigious President of India’s National Film Awards as producer. Sultan holds a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship from MIT-Boston. An alumnus of St. Germain High School Bangalore, Sultan completed his B.E. Chemical Engineering from Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore University. He is a certified NLP practitioner and Master Trainer from Dale Carnegie. An amazing speaker, respected motivational trainer, admired event manager, and a prolific educational blogger. For the past 18 years, under his aegis, LXL Ideas makes award-winning films under the banner of School Cinema - film-based life skills learning module. School Cinema impacts over 700,000 students across 4 countries through over 120 award-winning films coupled with researched workbooks. Sultan is an advisor to CIET-NCERT and member of FICCI School Education Committee.


Innovation Stage

28 February 2019 | 11:30 - 12:00 | English | Film Pedagogy – Learning in the Visual Era

The advent of the video era means that today the amount of information and knowledge that is accessed and consumed in the Audio-Video format is way larger than that of the written book format. Children, more than any other age group, have taken to the video content like fish takes to water. They are no longer interested in reading and writing as they find it a lot more engaging to acquire knowledge and learn through the visual medium. Things around us have changed but our schools have remained stuck in time. If we have to prepare our children to live in the present time and more so in the future, we have to teach our children how to create and learn from the film/video content. This skill today is as basic as reading and writing was a decade earlier. Some of the best films made are normally accessible at Film Festivals only and having children participate in them is a great way to teach them Film Appreciation. We live in an era today where Film Pedagogy is the fact of life.