Sven Maikranz

CEO, Upstrive Education (by MindMotions LLE)

Sven is a visionary, results driven executive and internationally certified (ICF) Master Coach with over 20 years of corporate executive and 15 years of oaching experience. Sven is originally from Germany and has extensive management and executive experience in international assignments in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Sven’s passion for coaching and making a positive difference led to founding his company MindMotions LLE, which is engaged in creating tools for schools and organizations to measure and manage wellbeing. The philosophy of Sven’s work is around wellbeing and engagement being the foundation of everything and he helps organizations and school to use that as the basis to achieve results and success. Sven also works with leadership teams to become autonomous, intrinsically motivated and effective - all essential to high value delivering. Psychology, team science and NLP support his work to co-create a highly effective team environment that drives results. Sven’s vision is to empower schools and organizations to measure and manage wellbeing and engagement in order to assist individuals to flourish and organizations and schools to thrive.

Wellbeing Space

15 November 2021 | 10:00 - 10:20 | English | Win-win for all - How Measuring and Managing Wellbeing will Lead to Meaningful Results for Students, Staff and the Schools

Numerous studies show the correlation between wellbeing and academic achievement for students and the thriving of organizations. Yet very few organizations or schools are equipped to measure and/or manage wellbeing. And even if certain data are available most staff is neither trained nor skilled at addressing issues related to wellbeing. This presentation explores what wellbeing is, how to measure it and most importantly how to implement a customized and effective tool to achieve the desired results. It also explores how it can be achieved to manage wellbeing despite meaning something different for different people. We will explore how the work of teachers can be more effective by working with wellbeing data from students. And lastly, how schools will benefit as a business and increase enrollment by demonstrating wellbeing management to stakeholders.